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APRIL 2023

Strathclyders Graeme Armstrong and Sarah Bernstein make the Granta 2023 Best of Young British novelists list

Rodge has written a piece for the Strathclyde University website celebrating the inclusion of PhD student Graeme Armstrong and Creative Writing colleague Sarah Bernstein on the 2023 Granta list. Full article here.

MARCH 2022

Rodge’s chapter ‘Erasure and Reinstatement’ on Alasdair Gray’s Lost and Found Murals published in Scottish Writing after Devolution: Edges of the New

Abstract for Scottish Writing After Devolution

A provisional re-mapping of Scotland’s post-devolution literary culture, the fifteen essays that constitute this collective volume explore how literature, theatre and visual art have both shaped and reflected the “new Scotland” promised by parliamentary devolution. Chapters explore leading figures such as Alasdair Gray, David Greig, Kathleen Jamie and Jackie Kay, while also paying particular attention to women’s writing by Kate Atkinson, A.L. Kennedy, Denise Mina, Ali Smith, Louise Welsh, and writers of colour such Bashabi Fraser, Annie George, Tendai Huchu, Chin Li and Raman Mundair. Tracing continuities with 1990s debates alongside “edges of the new” visible since Indyref 2014, these critics offer an in-depth study of Scotland’s vibrant literary production in the period of devolution, viewed both within and beyond the frame of national representation.

Link to Rodge’s chapter here

Rodge Glass’s chapter focuses on Alasdair Gray’s visual practice. Glass argues that in the late twentieth century, unlike his widely celebrated literary output, Gray’s art has consistently suffered erasure of various kinds and has been largely neglected, replaced or destroyed. Using Gray’s murals – now an integral part of today’s Glasgow – as case studies, he then traces how the twenty-first century has seen a radical reinstatement of Gray’s visual practice into the urban and cultural landscape. This has been done through the rediscovery and restoration of murals, a significant amount of recent critical works that focus on Gray’s visual art, and Sorcha Dallas’s successful endeavours to exhibit the artist’s visual practice in Glasgow and beyond, which resulted in him being featured in galleries where previously he had been unwelcome.


Being Jewish in Scotland: Archive events with SCoJeC, 2012

Recently, Ephraim Borowski of SCoJeC shared this article and interview with Rodge from a series of ‘Being Jewish in Scotland’ events from 2012, including a first Jewish event in Inverness in fifty years, where Rodge appeared alongside fellow Jewish authors Annemarie Allan and J David Simons. You can find the article and links below here. With thanks to SCoJeC for sharing.

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