Once a Great Leader

Once a Great Leader is Rodge’s novel-in-progress, started while travelling through South America in 2013. An early version of the first chapter was publishing in The Scotsman and is available here. An early version of the second chapter, ‘The Chilean Way’, was published in Gutter Magazine, #13, in 2016. He may be dead before the book is ever published, and jokes that it would be good to have a ‘great lost novel’ for folks to unearth once he’s gone.

A series of six essays about Rodge’s travels, researching Once a Great Leader in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina, were published by 3am magazine,. These are available in an archive titled ‘Reports from Latin America’, available here. The essays are:

1: A Ghost Giving a Speech

OAGL page 3am 1
Roberto Matta‘s La vida Allende la muerte, 1973

2: A Human Being Made Out of a Statue

OAGL page 3am 2

3: Borders of the Land and Mind

OAGL page 3am 3

4: Memory Games With Bolaño, or, Of What Is Lost

OAGL page 3am 4
Roberto, Lost

5: Post-National Me

OAGL page 3am 5

6: Dancing With Bolivar

OAGL page 3am 6

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